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1,000 - 3M Brand digital diecut stickers at 1.975" x 4"

Thank you to Marc Stitzlein, for your order with us!


Fans are passionate about the sports, teams, schools and players they love. Whether you’re an all-star player or a die-hard fan, jerseys unite enthusiasts of the game into a spirited band - a band of tailgaters, face-painters and jumbotron dancers who dream of making a statement.
The  Bigger, the Bolder, the Better!

With corporate headquarters in St. Louis, MO, Big Time Jersey was established to give fans the ultimate way to pledge their allegiance all year long. Our huge jersey-shaped flags are perfect to hang outside your house or at your next tailgate. We are adding new teams and players to our roster as quickly as possible, so please check back often if your favorite is not yet available.

Don’t be a fair weather fan. Show your love for the game every day with a BIG TIME JERSEY flag.
BIG TIME JERSEY -- Pledge Your Allegiance(TM)