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Making a difference takes a Big Truck...
50 - digital die-cut stickers at 3 x 9"
DCS loves trucks. We also love great looking hats. And the planet Earth. If you were to toss these things separately into a blender, you would have yourself quite a mess and possibly a broken blender. However, if you were to combine them in a philosophical manner you get an idea that's greater than the sum of its parts. This is why DCS loves Big Truck Headwear. We can't wait make more stickers and continue to spread the word of Truck. 

Big Truck Headwear | The Epic Journey 

BigTruck was started as a one man garbage collection company in 1975 in the small town of Tahoe City, CA. Today BigTruck has evolved into a global collective of like-minded, loving people who are not afraid to take out the trash and stand up for the environment. Wear BigTruck and you support our planet. Everytime you purchase BigTruck Headwear a portion of the proceeds will benefit local environmental clean-up initiatives. It’s going to take everyone with a BigTruck and a huge heart to keep our planet clean.