Camp Woodward | Souvenirs of Progression |

Camp Woodward | Souvenirs of Progression

Every year for a fresh class of eager kids come into Camp Woodward looking to take destiny & progression into their own hands. It's always a pleasure for us to provide the stickers as tokens of their experience and souvenirs of progression.

These stickers pictured are a great pairing due to their versatility. The Squares utilize a bold 3-color design, while also maintaining a size and shape that lets them be applied to almost any surface imaginable. The have a heavy duty decal feel, which means there's no doubt these are OFFICIAL Property of Woodward will look great adorned on boards & helmets.

We're honored and humbled that the crew at Camp Woodward has chosen us for their sticker needs year after year. The entire DCS crew couldn't be prouder.

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