Check the Feed | L.E.N.S. Contest |

Check the Feed | L.E.N.S. Contest

DCS has partnered up with snowboard-clip-slurpee-machine CheckTheFeed to help with their sticker needs as they gear up to launch a new kind of contest format for snowboard crews. Say hi to the L.E.N.S. Contest, which culminates in March at the infamous Trollhaugen in Wisconsin.

Teams will create 3 minute video edits that are voted on by fans at the CheckTheFeed website. Winners will ride a custom setup at Trollhaugen in the finals, with edits judged by the Crew.

We're hyped to support and give a little back to the snowboarding world. It's going to be fun seeing the edits these hungry crews put out.

Be sure to follow ChecktheFeed for updates.