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1,000 - Digital Die-cut stickers at 5" x 1.61"

Bounceboard is a pretty impressive piece of cross-training equipment. With the prevalence of board sports in mainstream culture, it was only a matter of time before new techniques and training devices started to crop up. DCS is excited to be producing these eye-popping stickers. Their bright, neon colors are sure to garner attention and become instantly recognizable for the Bounceboard product and brand. We look forward to working with Chris and company again in the future.

Bounceboard | About 

The BounceBoard® is constructed with special closed cell polyethylene foam. This foam is strong, flexible, and has great shock absorption. The BounceBoard is a trampboard that warps with the trampoline surface then returns to it's original shape. Like a rubber band, the BounceBoard bounces back. It has smooth rounded edges that won't rip the surface of trampolines. It may be used on the new floatable trampolines too. Kayakers and body surfers in Hawaii use a similar type of foam to ride the waves because this foam can withstand slamming against the ocean floor. The BounceBoard provides great conditioning for those landings.