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500 - 3.12" x 3.5" punch-cut digital diecut stickers.

Thank you Tiffany Robinson, at Concrete Rose, for choosing us as your sticker manufacturer!


In a life that can be so rough, cold, and rigid it's sometimes hard for love to prevail.While some chics try to be hardcore, some fake sincerity, yet their are other females who just try to fit in.

Concrete Roses represent the strong women found within when we choose to listen to our hearts and stalk our dreams.

Our choices don't always lead to where we want to go but where we need to be. We bring this message to all the "non-conformists," single mothers, the starving artists, ex-offenders, struggling musicians, recovering alcoholics, all the "anti" 9 to 5-ers, recovering drug addicts, and the misinformed spiritual seekers.

Keep rockin' til you rise!