Cups Co | Drinking Partners for Life |

Cups Co | Drinking Partners for Life

Put down your disposable drinking container. Beverage consumption is going metal and Cups Co is on the front line of changing the way you whet your whistle.

Born from necessity when a game of Beer Pong depleted their resources, the Cups Co crew swore never again and went to work creating a wide array of stainless steel products for sipping beverages and reducing waste. Never again would a plastic or paper cup be sent to wallow in the trash again.

Choose retainability over disposability and check out the full wave of Cups Co Wares and make sure you pick up some vinyl die-cuts to show your sticker love. After that, check out their Zero Waste Event Initiatives and see how your business might be able to join in on the fun.

Imagine a world where no one had to pick up trash...