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>Diecutstickers.com Food Drive | Northwest Harvest


Next week DCS is holding a food drive in conjunction with Northwest Harvest. Just shy of our Ten Year Anniversary, our business has experienced humbling success and prosperity. Unfortunately there are still a sobering number of our neighbors and community members struggling to feed themselves and their families. During hard times we definitely believe it's our duty to give back and share our good fortune with anyone we can.

We encourage you to donate whatever possible, any time of the year to groups and charities that you believe in. During the final week in March we'll be pooling our resources to help Northwest Harvest get food to the hungry. Drop by the DCS Office at 503 S. Michigan St. to help fill our donation bins daily between 10am and 5pm. Special arrangements can be made for any donation. If you're a client or business, pool your office resources and we are more than happy to accommodate can pick up larger contributions.

Contact us: call 206.816.3421 or email keith@diecutstickers.com

What types of food does Northwest Harvest need?

Northwest Harvest can use any nonperishable food or monetary donations. If you prefer to donate food, select shelf-stable food with the lowest saturated fats and refined carbohydrates (sugar, white flour). We buy white rice and beans in bulk, so we encourage you to donate other items. Here are some suggestions:

General food items:

Whole grain pastas
Brown rice
Tomato products
Canned vegetables
Canned fruit, especially with low sugar (but not artificial sweeteners)
Canned fish or meat
Shelf-stable milk
Beef stew, chili and similar meals with low sugar and saturated fats

Infant and baby foods:

Baby formula
Canned milk
Infant cereal
Jars of baby food
Powdered or canned milk
We also accept baby diapers

S  P  R  E  A  D     T  H  E    W  O  R  D.