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>Dinosaurs Will Die + Diecutstickers.com Colouring Contest


Dinosaurs Will Die has teamed up with the guys at Diecutstickers.com to offer
you the chance to win a new snowboard! It's going to be a contest... a coloring contest!
Next to the 'be lazy and do nothing contest' it's the easiest type of contest around.
it only takes 4 easy steps.
1. download the coloring sheet at www.dinosaurswilldie.com/color.pdf
2. bust out the crayons.
3. scribble color like you've never scribbled color before.
4. mail your entry to:
DWD/DCS color contest
241 S. Lander, Suite 207
Seattle Wa 98134 USA
then sit back and see if yours is the best. or worst. you never know what
is going to win. art is in the eye of the beholder.
All entries must be received by APRIL 30th 2010. 1 entry per person.
*entries will not be returned.