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Just Say No | Distressed Type

Here's the bottom line: distressed type wreaks havoc on our plotters. If you're looking to get a , you'll need to clean it up buster.

Thin separations, intricate cuts, and tight corners are way too much for a plotter to handle...unless we slow the plotter to a crawl and have humans at the ready to meticulously go through and hit 50+ pluck-out sections with an Exacto blade. The time involved, the slow pace, and massive potential for errors keep us from embracing this style of font or logo.


Check out this logo die-cut for metal band . Using the aforementioned slow pace and having dispensable staff to work on a very low quantity of these stickers, we were able to create an incredibly intricate sticker. Be advised: 9 times out of 10, we will refuse this kind of artwork.

Make sure you email us your artwork to find out if we can accommodate your graphic.

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