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1,000 - full-color 3M Brand digital diecut sticker at 2.79" x 3"

Thank you Jacqueline Bracey, at Ecopop Apparel, for your order.

EcoPop is an apparel company that focuses on Pop culture and the Eco lifestyle. The founders are not hippies but by contrast, edgy entrepreneurs who decided to create an Eco-aware brand that speaks to the market through its band of cool animal characters. The message is to Respect the Planet and have some Fun doing it. When asked if the polar bears are all going to drown, VP of Branding Sean Murphy replied “ Not if we create a polar bear Swim Team!” The sarcastic nature of EcoPop lives through its’ founders. The fun nature of EcoPop lives through its’ characters. The serious nature of EcoPop is present in its’ low-impact apparel it brings to the market. And our biggest commitment is to nature itself.