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75 - Standard diecut stickers at 3" x 36".
300 - Standard diecut stickers at 1" x 12".
Thank you Ted Huber, at Expedition Portal, for choosing us as your sticker manufacturer.

....... About Expedition Portal

Expedition Portal is a community of expedition travelers intent on exploring the distant and remote places of the world. Society today encourages people to live life through the accomplishments of others, as shown on TV and in movies. The real challenge is to turn off the TV and explore the world around you, even if that means a day trip to the local mountains.

An expedition does not need to be a million dollar, multi-year attempt to cross iceland, but a team of individuals undertaking a journey for a particular purpose. What that means is taking your travel to a slightly deeper challenge, making an attempt to better understand and conserve the areas we explore. To give more than you take, and to ensure these areas are available for future generations.

Expedition Portal was founded in 2005 by Scott Brady of Expeditions West.

Enjoy the journey,

The Expedition Portal Editors