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500-5.2" wide full color digital diecut stickers printed onto 3m Brand vinyl.
"Farmscape will reduce the complexity and geographic sprawl of your food supply. You and your household can learn by example how to grow your favorite fruits and vegetables the simple way. As a member of our service, you can rely on our friendly service staff to ensure your garden thrives even if you're often too busy to look after the pest control, soil amendments, harvesting, etc."

"Farmscape builds modular, intensively cultivated raised-bed gardens. Food crops, especially in a multi-crop garden, are beautiful and intriguing. We have several materials available for frames, we can probably help you find a custom material if your landscape demands an aesthetic we do not offer. Expect bees and butterflies, blossoms and fruit, and verdant, intriguing stems and foliage of all shapes, patterns, and colors."

"In your salads and stir fry, on your sandwiches and in your omelettes, fresh-picked produce packs flavor and healthfulness no words can describe. Not even the best produce aisles or Farmers Stalls can approach the culinary satisfaction of backyard produce harvested hours before your meal."

"Farmscape uses no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, dramatically reducing the ecological footprint of your produce. Our gardens run on targeted drip irrigation, reducing water usage by almost half compared with standard agricultural practices. Substituting raised-bed urban harvests for agribusiness's mono-crop open field cultivation reduces the rate of our nation's topsoil depletion."

"In many cases, installing a Farmscape garden in the place of an existing lawn can lower your monthly yard maintenance expense. Depending on crop selection, most customers can expect to break even against the installation cost of the garden with the savings over organic grocery or farmers market purchases and the gas and time for the errands."

Thanks to Jesse at Farmscape, for your order!