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50 - Digital Square Corner Die-cut stickers at 2.5" x 7.875"
in two unique layouts

Fitted Life is one of our favorites. So much so we may have gotten a bit overzealous and spoiled the debut of some brand new stickers. It's difficult to contain the passion in the DCS Sticker Lab sometimes but we do our best to make sure our clients' best interests are looked out for. Luckily, we think everyone else was just as excited about the sticker release and now these bumper stickers are flying off the shelves. Can we make more yet?

Fitted Life | Heritage

Founded in July of 2010, Fitted Life is a California based clothing company revolving around design, art, and the pursuit of proper living. Having its roots in motoring publication, traces of mechanical influences can be found within the concept and design of each product. However, it never limits itself to the dynamic mind, a source of pure imagination.

Fitted Life is a brand that keeps attention to detail. From the packaging to the final product, Fitted Life offers customers an enriching experience. Fitted Life products are produced locally in California with the 100% handmade guarantee. Tees are screen printed by hand and offer a vintage feel and a unique touch. Due to the nature of production, all Fitted Life products are limited and exclusive.

“Life is about experience. It’s about learning from our failures and striving for proper living. To us, that’s a huge part of Fitted Life.” – Michael Cabuco // Founder of Fitted Life