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>Follow The Leader BMX | DCS Vinyl in Action


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Kiss-cut stickers in full effect.
Vinyl representation at the park.
Stacks for days, available from FTL BMX.

DCS is lucky to enough to come into contact with young, upstart brands at their inception or when they find a footing and gain momentum. During a recent run of digital kiss-cut stickers it became apparent that people were noticing Follow the Leader BMX as their amount of fans started to skyrocket. We're definitely excited by their prospects and we can't wait to see what they're up to next.

In the meantime, the crew at FTL was kind enough to send along some great photos of our stickers circulating and doing what they do best. The entire DCS crew hopes that the FTLephant becomes synonymous with BMX and we'll be watching their expansion closely.

Big thanks for the order and for sending along the photos!

FTL | In The Trunk

Follow The Leader (FTL) is a bmx crew consisting of four riders,
Billy Perry, Billy Malkotsis, Justin Koebele, and Grant Germain; from Long Island, New York.ย 
FTL was founded by Billy and Melanie Perry in January 2012.
We make bmx edits and are expanding into clothing and accessories.