Food Drive Round-Up |

Food Drive Round-Up

During a time of massive change and unprecedented blessings, the DCS team decided it was necessary to balance things out with an outward gesture of kindness. We immediately considered those in our local community and decided to join forces with Northwest Harvest to fight hunger. Our staff rallied and we internally generated close to 100 lbs in non-perishable food and baby items over the course of two weeks.

Outside donations were few until Brooke and the fine folks at local action sports boutique EVO came through in a clutch to add almost 100 lbs of additional donations. We're extremely appreciate to have great colleagues and friends step up to benefit the less fortunate.

Already our goal for next year is clear: double the donations. Huge thanks to EVO and Northwest Harvest for their involvement and support. Make sure you check our friends out online to see all they have to offer in their communities and beyond. Find ways to get involved and give back.