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Their Story, In Their Words

GaymerX, the first ever LGBTQ-focused gaming convention, is an annual convention focused on games and gaming culture. We focus on creating a fun and safe space for gamers and gaymers of all identities to have fun and hang out with like minded folks. GaymerX is a “queer space”, in that many of the panels revolve around queer issues or queer devs, but GaymerX and the GX events are made for everyone and everyone is welcome! GaymerX was founded in 2012 by Matt Conn via Kickstarter. The campaign was set to be funded at $25,000 but quickly soared over $90,000 causing the event to expand to a much larger venue than originally intended.

4 Years of Making Progress Fun

We'd like to give a HUGE round of applause to everyone involved in Gaymer X who are one month away from celebrating their fourth year of creating an open and positive destination for gamers from all walks of life. Their work has made unprecedented strides in the gaming community and it's been a pleasure for us to support the cause via stickers and witness that growth. happens Sept. 30th in Santa Clara, CA. Get details and tickets HERE.