Girl Riders Organization | Evolve and GRO |

Girl Riders Organization | Evolve and GRO

Girls Riders Organization facilitates the growth and evolution of girls through involvement in action sports. This means while they're surfing waves, shredding powder, and grinding rails they have mentors offering up advice, positive vibes, and supporting them while overcoming challenges. In short, they grow to become good people who make the world a better place.

Since 2006 this has been their mission. As of 2013, DCS has had the fortunate opportunity to partner with GRO and provide them with much needed tools to spread their name and purpose: stickers. Hopefully this signals the beginning of a long standing relationship. We fully believe that the more positive non-profit groups there are in this world, the better.

Check out the impact of GRO at their website and see the results of their GRO Snow Ladies Day event at Stevens Pass.