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100 - Digital die-cut stickers at 3.86 x 6"

Helix Arms definitely sticks to their guns. Their core set of beliefs transcend into the way they do business and their customers respect them for it. DCS respects their ideological commitment and the way it extends into their work. This is the very definition of passion. Producing great looking stickers is our passion and together with Helix Arms, we made that a reality once again. Thanks to Helix Arms for their order as we look ahead to more future projects.

Helix Arms | About

Founded in 2011, Helix Arms is an online retailer that specializes in Military, LE, and Private Security Gear & Accessories. We stand strongly behind our motto of Fight. Dominate. Defend. & incorporate these values into our daily vision and drive to succeed! We pride ourselves on 100% Customer Satisfaction by offering our customers what the want, which is fast shipping, great prices, and a great return policy!