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1,000 -  Digital Die-cut stickers at 1.1" x 4"

Courtesy of the DCS Holiday Wishlist came the amazing gift of I am 8 bit!

DCS recently received attention from this creative hive by putting our feelers out toward companies and brands on our radar that have earned our respected, inspired our creativity, and driven us forward from afar. This resulted in a friendly connection followed by a sticky situation; creating a run of digital die-cut stickers!

An outcome of this nature really proves that in the digital age if you build it, they will come. Collaborations are imagined and made reality, almost in the same breath due to the ability to instantly communicate. Anything is now possible and within reach and we're excited to see what else the 8bit crew has in store for us.

Iam8Bit | Meet Us

Iam8bit is difficult to describe, but easy to understand.

We're a lot of things...
Production Company (for commercials, features, shorts)
Marketing Boutique (for viral and non-traditional campaigns)
Indie Publisher (for books, comics, speciality projects)
Events Producer (for parties, community gatherings, meetups)
Apparel Collective (for awesome t-shirts, clothing)
Tchotchke Wizards (for unique promos, custom giveaways)
Creative Consulting (for all sorts of projects)

...stirred together into a delicious cocktail.

In brief, we like to collaborate with people and brands that care about:
The fans (i.e. the people that matter most)
Trying something different (i.e. constant innovation)
Quality above all else (i.e. not crap!)

That is our tattooed manifesto, and "making awesome things" is our mandate.

If you share a similar perspective, we'll buy the first round.