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400 - Digital Die-cut stickers at 6" in 2 layouts.

DCS is now a piece of punk rock history. Seminal act Moral Crux tapped us to create vinyl stickers via our connection to old friend and K2 Sports employee Jamie Jaspers. Many consider this band to be a key piece of musical puzzle when it comes to bridging the gap between the rebellious punk movement and pop music. The DCS team is no slouch when it comes to recognizing the significance of this even if our role is purely making vinyl stickers.

Moral Crux | The Origin

Moral Crux began it’s infancy in 1983 with James joining up with guitar player Jeff Jenkins to kick things off. James was in a cover band that played Clash, Sex Pistols and New York Dolls covers prior to Moral Crux, and there was a split in direction when James wanted to do more original material while some of the other members wanted to become more commercially acceptable.

James quit that band and then met Jeff who played guitar and was into a lot of the same music. They got together, wrote some songs and a revolution was soon born. Along the way they added drummer Jody Kimmell and renowned bass player Justin Warren.

Thriving in the west coast underground scene, and being featured regularly in countless magazines of the time including “Maximum Rock n’ Roll, Flipside, Music Connection and tons of other independent fanzines they soon became known as “pioneers” in their genre.