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KAVU | The Big Bang Boom Sticker Pack

Our friends at outdoor lifestyle brand KAVU always do things with a certain level of awesomeness, so we weren't totally surprised when they dropped this amazing stop-motion video to promote the release of their 'BIG BANG BOOM' Sticker Pack.

The video was filmed and edited by Dan Holmes, featuring music by Matt Millet. Here's a few words by Dan on his process: "There was no post effects used in this, it was all done in camera OG stop motion style. I used all things on hand: scissors, folding stickers, creasing stickers, and little post-it notes folded up underneath credit cards for example. I used a SONY A7R2 tethered to my computer for remote shooting then the frames were auto-imported into Lightroom so I could view the video basically by rifling through the images shot."

Total number of images: 425 Shooting time: 5-6 hrs

You can pick up the 'Big Bang Boom' Sticker Pack now at KAVU.com, which includes 11 stickers in 2 application styles.