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KAVU | Busy Livin'

"We scramble up mountains, run rivers on inflatable couches, and ski sand dunes. We sit around campfires and hatch crazy schemes that become the next adventure, and we spill a lot of beer on our Chilliwack shorts because we're laughing too hard to keep a grip on the bottle."

If that doesn't paint a vivid portrait of KAVU and their Busy Livin' attitude, I don't know what will. The crew lives and breathes ACTIVE, carrying that tradition for 22 years and counting. Folks with the same mentality should give their wares a serious look.

KAVU.com holds many treasures of the apparel variety and even has a few surprises. Take a look, rifle through their photos, scan their blog, and have yourself a KAVU day.

A longstanding sticker relationship with DCS has been a positive and fruitful one; we always look forward to their inspiring words and actions as well as more orders for unique vinyl stickers.