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1,000 - paper labels on a roll at 2 x 6"
Kraft paper, one color black.

DCS has a lot of appreciation for KiteBanner.com. Not only do they have great services and products to offer, but they also give us the opportunity to work on rare projects that feed our creative needs and galvanize the strength of our skill set. These labels were originally printed in rolls on brown kraft paper and used only black ink to an extremely effect final product. We encourage creative challenges like this and hope more clients follow in the footsteps of KiteBanners. Thanks guys!

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Kitebanners was founded in 2008 and we are located in Tacoma, Washington. Our concept is simple; offer a product Marketing Managers and Retail Operators need to grow their business, be seen, and increase foot traffic. The difference with our business model, we pride ourselves with the highest level of service and professionalism, and don’t settle for anything less. All our products are guaranteed, highest quality, and we stand behind our work. We have a passion in this business, and believe Kitebanners true method to grow your business.

We help thousands of customers each year including many Fortune 500 companies, Ad Agencies, Universities, Military Branches, Restaurants and more. We are very experienced at meeting our customer's needs and getting it right the first time. Our experienced staff offers competitive expertise in product knowledge and delivery of all of our products. We also have a price match guarantee. 

Kitebanners.com offers a vast and competitive spectrum of display products to meet any of your outdoor advertising needs. If we do not offer a product you are looking for on our website, we can certainly find it for you- just give us a call!