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“The intention of the music and the message,” explains Hawai’i-born singer/songwriter Daniel Pak in an interview with the Honolulu Weekly, “is to give people a glimpse of the truth in a way such that it just might uplift them to go do something to change it.”

Kore Ionz has carved out quite a reputation for their soulful reggae style and the endearing energy of their live performances. Now more than ever is the time to start taking notice of a band that continually spurs nothing but positive waves in the music scene and beyond.

The rousing story of Kore Ionz, as well as a plethora of music, can be found at www.koreionz.com where they're also currently fundraising for a new music video.

Donate anything you can and help them reach the $3,000 goal via the Kore Ionz Paypal. We may be making a donation ourselves to assist in the success of yet another amazing sticker client.

We most certainly appreciate their business and wish nothing but the best for the music and message of Kore Ionz.