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750 - Custom 1.9" x 3.5" wide digital diecut stickers printed onto 3M brand vinyl.
750 - Custom .807" x 3.5" wide digital diecut stickers printed onto 3M brand vinyl.
1,500 - total.
DCS would like to thank Steve Hurd, for your order. Likeme is a recommendation search engine. We actually searched it, and it recommended you check out Likeme.

....... About Us

LikeMe is about connecting people, places and things. Have you ever been to a new city and not known where to go, or maybe you're looking for something different in your own backyard? There are lots of choices out there, but sometimes it's hard to find the right ones for you.

LikeMe is like having your own personal tour guide everywhere you go. By combining the practicality of a traditional search engine with a cutting-edge algorithm designed to match you up with people who have similar tastes and give you their best recommendations, LikeMe can help you discover great people, places and things.

We call it social search. Instead of reading random reviews from people you don't know, LikeMe only gives you recommendations from people who like the things you like. Just as you would get an inside tip from a friend, using LikeMe is like having a network of friendly recommenders all across the country.

Started in Denver, Colorado and launched in 14 markets, LikeMe is currently building a community of recommenders from all walks of life. From professional athletes and well-known celebrities to local heroes and underground musicians, there's always something new to discover. You can follow your favorites. But we need your help too... Share your recommendations and let us know what's good.