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250 - Digital Die-cut Stickers at 4.5"

If you were to peek inside the production facilities of Lucky Snowboards you might see a lush, green valley flanked by glistening streams. Along the stream bed you might find some enthusiastic penguins wearing hard hats, a team of panda bears wearing eye protection and carrying large bundles of bamboo, and if you follow them long enough they end up at the head of the stream with The Source: a large whale half-embedded in a glowing ethereal doorway. The answer to your next question is YES, the whale manufactures snowboards using a combination of his digestive tract and inter-dimensional molecular shift. Now that the secret is out, good luck trying to recreate that production line.

In all seriousness Lucky Snowboards is a tremendous piece of the snowboard pie. Their efforts to manufacture green products within the industry are admirable and innovative. DCS is proud to have a long standing partnerships with the fine folks over at Lucky and we owe much of our success to their support.

Expect some serious power moves from Luck in 2012. No magic necessary.

Lucky Snowboards | Forget Chance

Lucky Snowboards is committed to giving you the highest quality boards while saving the earth at the same time. We use Eco-friendly products in our construction and our website is powered by 100% wind energy. Yet our products are nothing less than high performance- super strong and super light, full wrap high carbon steel edge, solid Bamboo core and P-Tex sidewalls. And if that wasn't enough our boards are made in the USA, home of some of the best boarding in the world! Be part of the solution ride GREEN!