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Michael Steinheiser | The Dead, Alive

Young illustrator Michael Steinheiser isn't pushing a brand message or selling a lifestyle...he's raising an army.

Open your eyes for a second, pull your hands back from your face, flip on that light switch. You'll see an array of fantastic creatures, surreal images, and ethereal icons that come from the dark reaches of a mind exploring worlds where most fear to tread. Michael's artwork imprisons these worlds within apparel, tattoos, and other media to keep them in check. Don't scream, they'll hear you.

Working with clients like Michael is thrilling for our team due to the visually arresting nature of his work and the impact that translates into the stickers we manufacture. View Michael's body of work HERE and imagine being stopped dead in your tracks while looking straight into the eyes of these creatures as they gaze back from a vinyl cage.

We'll be crossing our fingers for the return of Mr. Steinheiser and his work so we can put it on parade. This is exactly what vinyl was made for.

Learn more at Wake the Dead Clothing.