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100 - Standard vinyl diecut stickers at 10" wide.
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.......MPBAS Overview

Mechanical Products Building Automation Systems Inc. (MPBAS), is an innovative building automation enterprise that has been serving the Phoenix metro area since 1988. When presented with the LonWorks concept in 2000, MPBAS immediately committed itself to this technology. We believe that the LonWorks® open system technology offers our customers a truly open control solution that ultimately allows our customers to choose MPBAS because they want to — not because they have to. This results in MPBAS actually earning their customers — as opposed to holding them hostage with a proprietary system. By providing customer satisfaction, this concept has increased our business opportunities. We are proud to state that MPBAS has never been excluded from any public or private bid list due to unsatisfactory performance or pricing.

MPBAS focuses solely on LonWorks® technology in design and implementation of building automation systems. MPBAS is certified as an Echelon™ Open Systems Alliance LonWorks Integrator. Every engineer, service technician and sales employee has been LonWorks® trained and certified to provide our customers with the very best LonWorks service and support in the state of Arizona. In addition, every technician has extensive experience and training the HVAC industry, which means our staff not only knows control systems — they also fully understand the equipment we control.

MPBAS has installed hundreds of LonWorks® based systems valley-wide, utilizing dozens of third party manufactured products which give our customers completely open system architecture while using the “best of breed” products available today. MPBAS has installed and commissioned thousands of nodes from the smallest networks to some of the valley’s largest facilities.

Our competitive pricing, superior technical staff and unparalleled commitment to the open LonWorks® platform makes MPBAS the definitive choice when implementing an open system.