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Various stickers represented for Snow, Surf, and Ski.
One color screen-print on white vinyl.

One of our biggest clients is also one of our most modest. In reality, due to certain restrictions DCS can't parade around the fact that we make stickers for Nike and their core sports teams. Complex marketing plans and key release dates prevent us from advertising, but in most cases that's a good thing. Opportunities like this are unique and we appreciate all the good fortune they bring us; it would be a shame to spoil such an opportunity. Occasionally we're able to share our relationship with Nike and it's always a joy.

We've seen many changes since starting our collaboration and now we're transitioning out of the 6.0 era and returning to a timeless classic. The DCS team always has goosebumps when new orders and artwork come in and we can't wait to see what Nike has up their sleeve over the course of the decade. DCS will be right here ready to crank whatever they need. Nike has solidified themselves as an icon of modern branding and will no doubt remain a fixture in our lives and into the future. DCS is on board.

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A permanent fixture in athletic culture, action sports, leisure, and high fashion. The Nike brand is represented globally and the Swoosh logo is possibly the most recognized logo in history. From shoes to lifestyle, Nike epitomizes collective culture.