Outdoor Rating is a feature of our Custom Vinyl Stickers that protects against fading from prolonged exposure to the sun, wet weather conditions, and even abrasions in some cases.

While different sticker types are Outdoor Rated in different ways, protection comes into play via 3 factors: Vinyl Manufacturing, Ink Type, and Protective Laminate. Most Vinyl used in sticker production is engineered to protect against color fading, scratching, and exposure to moisture. If a material is not outdoor rated, it's definitely NOT vinyl and you should inquire about the potential for durability.

Ink types will vary among printing processes, but the most commonly used inks in Screen-Printing and Digital Printing are Outdoor-Rated. UV protection will prevent colors from fading in the sun. Rain, snow, even sea water, are also non-threats.

One type of ink that needs extra protection is Eco-Solvent Ink. Due to its chemical composition, Eco-Solvent Ink remains the safest choice during production and in relation to environmental impact, but this leaves it naturally prone to break down more easily when exposed. The best way to strengthen stickers Digitally-printed with Eco-Solvent Inks is with a Protective Laminate. Pressing a non-removable clear laminate directly on top of printed vinyl stickers is ultimately the strongest protection against fading, harsh weather, and moisture at no extra cost. The artwork remains sealed in tight under the clear film.

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