Paper Label vs Vinyl Sticker | Materials Explained |

Paper Label vs Vinyl Sticker | Materials Explained

Paper Labels vs Vinyl

Somewhere in the mostly-peaceful world of custom stickers...a battle rages.

Two materials, altogether similar, but fundamentally useful in different ways are battling for supremacy. Luckily, when it comes to the face-off between Paper Labels and Vinyl Stickers the deciding factor is how you're going to use them.

Check out the key differences below so you can make an informed choice for your next project.

Paper Labels

- Thin, low profile material.

- Adds an excellent finished quality to packages, takeout & shipping boxes, or bottles, jars, and other product containers.

- Printed quickly at high volume quanitites and comes conveniently on a roll.

- Gloss or Matte Paper laminate, which means indoor use is advised.

- Vulnerable to fading, moisture, and seasonal temperatures.

Vinyl Stickers

- Laminated, thick material.

- Pressure-sensitive adhesive.

- Perfect for outdoor lifestyles and harsh weather situations.

- Protected against UV fading.

- Print high quality, full-color graphics quickly and economically.

- Custom Die-cut any shape possibilities.

- Available in a variety of cuts & styles. Creatively limitless.

Final Verdict: Paper Labels are ideal for labeling, branding items, and indoor situations. Vinyl is perfect when you need a tough, long lasting sticker to survive in all climates.

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