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Quote Form | Why It's Important

If you're reading this, chances are you're pretty into stickers. You may have even shopped around a few different sticker shops looking for the best deal to fit your needs.

First of all, thanks for choosing DCS. Second, you probably noticed we use a Quote Form rather than a price calculator. Here's why.

Details Matter

Split-backing. Reflective Material. Back-printing. Kiss-cutting. Details matter when it comes to stickers and without the info provided from filling out our Quote Form, it's difficult for us to delve into those specifics with you.

Your Needs ARE Specific

Speaking of specifics...based on your brand/business, marketing goals, and budget, your needs are going to be very unique to your situation. If we don't have a chance to analyze those needs we'll never be able to offer the entire breadth of our sticker expertise. The Quote Form helps lay out those needs.

Sticker Education

Inks, materials, cuts, customization. Stickers offer a lot of opportunities to stand out and be unique. Once you fill out our quote form, we're going to respond with some recommendations and info that will probably blow your mind. A price calculator takes away that potential connection between us.

Pricing Is Complex

Nearly every aspect of a sticker affects pricing in some way. The only way we simplify our pricing is by taking away customization features and leaving you with a basic, plain, generic-shaped sticker. That is not or will ever be part of our business philosophy.

Bottom Line

We need to talk to you to show you the amazing possibilities. Don't worry, it'll be worth it. Make it happen now and .