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1,000 - 1-colors screenprint diecut stickers at 1.31" x 5"
Retrollect is an awesome app that lets you catalog your experiences. Thank you to everyone at Retrollect, for the order! Download Retrollect!


Retrollect is the free mobile app that lets you assemble the highlights of your experiences and create a visual mash-up of your life!
Grab your photos, tweets, or the status updates that gave a play-by-play of the night and build your very own Retrollect disc to showcase your experiences!
Whether it's the amazing meal you need to share or that concert where the lead singer crowd surfed right over you, Retrollect's here to bring it all together so you can relive the excitement (or your friends can see what they missed). You can also share your discs on Facebook or Twitter right from the app.
If it's worth remembering, it's worth Retrollecting!