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150 - 2 color, pro-cut layovers for custom Skullcandy headphones.

Yep, it's true. Skullcandy + Rhapsody x (DCS) = Custom Headphones. As a reward to loyal and amazing Rhapsody employees, these headphones were cooked up to show some appreciation for a year's worth of hard work and effort in making Rhapsody International the best company it could be. DCS was called in to perform a little cosmetic surgery and apply these 2-color vinyl layovers to the Skullcandy "Agent."

Our swift and crafty production team laid down the vinyl just in time to hand out 150 pairs to eager recipients. The final product resulted in one of our most popular and unique projects to date. The applications of vinyl stickers go so far beyond that of stickers and this example says in a single image what we could never explain in words.

Give us more projects like this. We'll give you something special.

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Whatever our letterhead says, we're still the same people, with the same mission: to help you find and play the music you already know you love instantly, and to turn you on to all kinds of other music you're going to love, too.