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600 - custom digital diecut stickers at 4" wide.

DCS would like to thank Henrik Svanevik, for his order. You are our first client from Norway!

Robot in english?

Dear foreign robots.
Thank you for visiting the robotshop.
A proper english version of the site will be made future.
For now here is what you need to know to manuvar your way through the shop and buy stuff.

Oh, and remember that all orders shipped out of norway do not have to pay norwegian vat = 25%.
This means that a record priced 130 Kr = 104 Kr, and a tee priced 299Kr = 239 Kr.
Books are the same as these are without vat in norway.

you can use to understand our norwegian Kroner.

The buttons:

Top row:
*Butikken = The Shop
*Robotaften = The robot in-store concerts
Om Robot = About robot
Second row:
*Nytt = New stuff
*Musikk = Music
*Klær = Clothes
*Bøker = Books
*Prints & Plakater = Prints & Posters
*Leker = Toys
*Film = Movies
*Diverse = Other

And the key button to get things rolling:
*Kjøp = Buy

If you need anything else, please don`t hesitate to send a mail to: