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1,000 - Digital Die-cut stickers at 2"

Rock Paper Scissors uses an organic business model that holds a genuine sense of urban ideals, managing three elements that make up the shop.

ROCK: Objects that we sell through the shop such as kicks, watches, bags, toys

PAPER: Art, artshows, art books and magazines

SCISSORS: Our own clothing line including tee's, New Eras hats and much more coming soon.

DCS finds its roots in core sports, as well as urban street wear and lifestyle, with important parts of our internal culture epitomizing these traits. We're definitely excited that RSP chose us to create stickers for a key time of growth in their storied history. The entire team will be here to witness their triumphs and successes first hand. Thanks guys!

RPS | About

Rock Paper Scissors is a legendary sneaker boutique located in Seattle, Washington.