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>Ryan Dungey NIKE 6.0 | Helmet Stickers


200- custom kisscut stickers.

DCS would like to thank John Paik, at NIKE, for your continued support.

When did you start riding?

I started riding at age 5.

Who influences style in your sport?

James Stewart is STYLE!

What event had the biggest impact on your life in the past year?

I would say winning Vegas because I showed everyone what I can do.

Favorite old-schooler in your sport?

Johnny O'Mara.

If you could shred with ANYONE in the world who would it be?

Lance Armstrong.

First thing you do after a session?

Think about where I could have been better and find every little bit that I can gain in my lap times.

If you were president of Planet Rad, what would be your key initiative?

Live life to the fullest.

Biggest challenge you've had to overcome to keep doing your sport?

I had to believe in myself.

What's your latest non-riding obsession?

I love playing golf.

Top 6 reasons to get up in the morning:

1. To work out and become stronger which brings me one step closer to being the best. 2. To be thankful to be here another day and live to the fullest. 3. Get to ride and do what I love. 4. To become a stronger person mentally and physically. 5. There's work to be done! GET UP! 6. Eat breakfast and drink my coffee that I do enjoy!

Freestyle flair or full-bore speed?


What was your first?


Metal Mulisha or Travis Pastrana?

Travis Pastrana. What's the most random Moto sponsor you've seen someone rock? Lion's Tap, hamburger joint.

What's the roughest slam you've taken on a bike?

Red Bud 07