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250 - digital diecut stickers at 2.9" x 4"
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My name is Ryan Massad. I am a graphic designer and illustrator living in Portland, OR. I grew up here and spent my early years skateboarding and painting in the streets. Bouncing around the United States, I have spent time surfing the shores of Hawai'i and beautifying the urban environments of the country. 

I love the night time and the things that go on after hours. I love peculiar spots and precarious heights. I am fascinated by sound and the idea of impermanence. Surrounding myself with nature and urban art, I have managed to keep close the things I love. I currently play music in two local, performing bands, and spend all of my time creating, building, thinking and loving. My background in street art has instilled an affection for hand rendered imagery, and I find beauty and inspiration in the spontaneity and imperfection of the drawn line.