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>Shane McFalls | Yoke Collection


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Several Digital Die-cut Stickers. The colors are an illusion(x4). 

One day an inter-dimensional thingie opened up and out came a phone with the voice of Shane McFalls. In addition to being very polite he was a savvy business-type. He worked out a deal with us where we would exchange Earth currency for the production of some stickers bearing the mark of him and his partner Erik -- Yoke! Now that we've done it once, we may do it again. In the meantime, you may want to purchase a hat or room-temperature sandwich from their online store. This is what it means to be a hero.

Mission Implied.

Yoke Collection | Rep Your Dimension

Yoke Collection is super cool, duh. Yoke is a 2 headed monster that eats roadkill, is wicked rad, and goes skiing every day. Yoke is all about the stupid, silly, and awesome. Owned and operated by Erik Olson and Shane McFalls.