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>Snowboard Green 2-color diecut stickers!


http://snowboardgreen.blogspot.comAbove, is a "before" picture of the two separate vinyl colors we used to complete Grant Bowen's 2-color vinyl diecut stickers. Below, is the completed product once the two colors were hand overlayed!
Thanks to Grant Bowen and his efforts to endorse only those products that promote sustainability and low environmental impact!
.......here is a little statement about his company and website.
Snowboard Green

is a website showcasing environmentally friendly snowboard products.
Visitors can learn about and purchase these products through a number
of online retailers. By purchasing sustainable snowboard products
consumers can have a direct influence on manufacturing methods and
industry standards which will help reduce our carbon footprint, reverse
global climate change, and ensure heavy snowfall each and every winter

We welcome feedback, comments, etc. at snowboardgreen@gmail.com.