Spacecraft Collective | Screen-Printed Sticker Packs |

Spacecraft Collective | Screen-Printed Sticker Packs

Spacecraft is known for their arresting iconography, cryptic messages, and dispensing an eternal parade of quality hats.

Soon they'll be known for making it rain.

See, we recently wrapped up this project with Spacecraft that features a bunch of screen-printed stickers in 2 and 3 colors. When you shuffle those 15 designs TOGETHER, you get shrink-wrapped sticker packs. Collect 'em, trade 'em, stick 'em, or horde 'em until you're 90 years old. No matter what you do with them, you're going to be 10 stickers richer and everyone knows 15 is better than 1.

Sticker packs unquestionably make a lasting brand impression and Spacecraft nailed it with this project. We encourage you to think about presentation for your next sticker project and take a step into unknown terrain.

DCS will be be there waiting to help make it happen.