Static Clings | A Vinyl Sticker Alternative |

Static Clings | A Vinyl Sticker Alternative

Adhesive can be a scary thing.

Adhesive means you have to commit. Once you line up your Vinyl Sticker and rub it down, you're all in. There's no going back...unless you're ready to try Static Clings.

How we do it: Digitally Print (in full color) onto clear material in front-facing or back-facing formats. The material is light and flexible, allowing electron buildup to keep your design comfortably adhered to glass until you decide to remove it. No adhesive necessary.

Things to Remember:

1. Clean the Glass - Dirt, oil, hair, and other debris will definitely ruin your fun if you let it. Windex followed by a wipedown with a lint-free cloth should do the trick.

2. Soft Hands - The Cling material is malleable and will stretch if you handle it too roughly. Be gentle when you peel the cling.

3. It's Not A Race - Stickers are pressure sensitive and need a swift application. Clings need you to slow down and take care to avoid bubbles & creases.

4. This Isn't Over - If you exercise some discipline and take care of your Static Cling, you'll be able to re-apply and get few uses out of it. So be cool.

If you have more questions or are just overwhelmed with enthusiasm, take the next step toward happiness and Request A Quote for Static Clings.