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100 - Digital Die-cut stickers "Save Fitness" layout at 1.31" x 2.5"
100 - Digital Die-cut "Enterprises" Layout stickers at 2.29" x 3"

Tanji Johnson's fitness credentials speak for themselves. Additionally her strength in her convictions and beliefs, as well as an aptitude for business has catapulted her into amazing success. We're extremely happy to be working with her and respect the core values that she carries from her personal life into business. Most importantly, whenever DCS gets the chance to create great looking stickers we're all over it. Her brushed logo graphic in a hand-done style definitely pops and has an energetic die-cut, something we are proud to craft.

Tanji Johnson Enterprises | Entrepreneurship

Tanji Enterprises was established in 2009 to manage the various businesses that Tanji has created. Tanji has been a thriving entrepreneur in the Fitness industry for the last decade. She has used her passion for fitness to help others achieve their goals and employed her creativity in developing products, programs and events that support and give back to the Fitness community. Tanji enjoys creating win-win siutations for everyone!