The House of Marley | A New Kind of Vinyl |

The House of Marley | A New Kind of Vinyl

Recently DCS has made a considerable effort recently to reduce the environmental impact of our vinyl sticker production process. After teaming up with Waste Management to recycle our plastic and vinyl waste, we set sights on offering new materials for our clients.

The House of Marley has the honor of being our first client to have stickers created from recycled vinyl. With hardly a visible difference, stickers can now do their part to reduce environmental impact in an industry hindered by very non-green characteristics.

While our sticker productions processes will most likely only ever achieve "Carbon Neutral" status, we're happy to have the option to leave our vinyl path in life cleaner than it has ever been before. Make sure you ask about our recycled materials to see if they fit the needs of your next sticker project.

Special thanks to The House of Marley for their positive attitude of open cooperation.