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100 - 1-color vinyl diecut stickers at 8" x 8"
100 - 1-color vinyl diecut stickers at 6.13" x 8"
100 - 1-color vinyl diecut stickers at 3.023" x 10"
100 - 1-color vinyl diecut stickers at 2.09" x 10"

Thank you Nico Nolan, at The Levitation Project, for your order.What more can we say, but that The Levitation Project is rad, and you should visit their site, and buy yourself a sticker!


It's more than just a company, It’s a movement. A collective of talented artist, athletes, designers, photographers and cinematographers. This is not something that just happens over night. It takes years of hard work and dedication. It takes loyalty and most importantly commitment. It has been more than difficult, and a challenge, every step of the way. More often than not we were told that our ideas and our values were too different and would never work. That our lack of convention and acceptance of diversity would be our down fall. These comments only provided us with the determination to work that much harder. This feedback became our greatest strength.