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1,000 - Digital die-cut stickers, 500 in each layout

DCS is excited to be partnered with Zumobi the innovative work they continually do in the vast world of mobile apps. Progressive business practices and technology are keys tools in a rapidly changing commerce environment and DCS is glad to have hand in broadening the reach and impression of The Zumbobi Network. We look forward to more collaborations in the future. 

The Zumobi Network | The Leading Premium Mobile App Network. 

Our technology connects premium brands with top media apps on all major smartphone platforms.
We guarantee brand advertisers targeted placement integrated with respected third party content. We offer rich media, exclusivity and measurement, achieving sustained user engagement.

 We partner with media companies to express and monetize their content using our scalable publishing platform, Woven and our app-within-an-app advertising technology, BrandBlast-both backed by award-winning concepting, design and development.

 Brand advertisers and publishers who want to create and maintain a dialog with mobile app consumers choose the Zumobi Network.