Tracy Tubera | Vinyl Sticker Packs |

Tracy Tubera | Vinyl Sticker Packs

Tracy Tubera is a man of towering ability. His illustrations + art talents have been featured in everything from prints to cartoons to toys.

Recently we had the opportunity to produce exclusive Digital Die-Cut Sticker Packs for his trip to Designer Con. Take a look at the above images and try to take in the massive amount of detail that populates each of his vector drawings. Using iconic imagery from pop culture, Tubera crafts bold, energetic characters that refuse to be ignored.

Putting together his Sticker Packs required just a handful of steps for our crew:

1. Digitally print a variety of graphics on vinyl.
2. Cut each graphic into custom shapes.
3. Screen-print header graphics onto card stock.
4. Package everything up.

Learn more about Digital Die-Cut Stickers and let's talk about how you can create your very own Custom Sticker Pack with DCS!

Huge thanks to Tracy for choosing us for this project. Don't forget to check out Tracy Tubera's Work + Shop.