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500 - digital diecut stickers at 1.17" x 7.75"
 500 -digital diecut stickers at 2.23" x 3.25"
Thank you to everyone at Trakdat, for your order. Check out the Trakdat site, if you fancy yourself a Kiteboarder!


It all started in February 2010 when we were trying to figure out how many kite sessions we had last year. After scouring the web and asking all our buddies, it became clear that what we wanted didn't exist -- so we built TrakDat. Our goal is to create an incredibly useful tool that allows kiters to track all of the data related to their sessions, gear, and spots. And share allow people to share their experiences with with friends.  We're working hard on fine tuning the website and developing new features. This is just the beginning!