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>Undertow Testing The Waters


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300 - 3m Brand digital diecut stickers at 2.19" x 7"

Thank you Ryan Caruthers, for your order! Testing the Waters is this weekend, check it out!


Who are we? Three water creatures (mostly) that make art, design, and a straight up gangster mimosa. Honestly they taste simply divine. Anyways, where we lack in mackin' on the hunnies at the watering hole, we more than make up for with our ability to hold our breath underwater for really disturbing amounts of time. Toyhippo is a confused individual. Colorful and friendly he is, but also tends to get rather handsy after a couple drinks, especially when the zebras are around. Ohb is a little too intense sometimes but everyone seems to get along with him as long as he washes his tentacles after emitting ink. He does have a bit of a temper problem, we are helping him work on that. Whalington is a very sensitive chap who just needs a little encouragement. Frankly, we could all do without his passive aggressiveness. Also don't mention the overbite as confidence is already an issue here. Thanks for dropping by.